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Your donations can make a real impact on someone’s life. By giving to Meaningful Change, our charities can direct funds straight to the people who need it, in the areas that they need it. 

Hear the stories below about the people we support and their experiences…


The House2Home project by Helping Hands provides furniture and household goods to recently homed & low-income families in South Warwickshire.

Generally when people are re-homed, they are not provided with essentials like a fridge or bed. Thanks to the House2Home project and your generosity, these goods can be delivered to those who need it. This helps turn empty houses into homes!

Facts & Figures about Homelessness

It is far more cost-effective to prevent people from becoming homeless or to get them securely accommodated as quickly as possible. (The Big Issue)

Research from the 2015 At What Cost report estimates that the cost of a single person sleeping rough in the UK for 12 months costs £20,128 while successful intervention costs only £1,426 in comparison.

Evidence shows that people who experience homelessness for three months, or longer, cost on average £4,298 per person to NHS services, £2,099 per person for mental health services and £11,991 per person in contact with the criminal justice system.

Cost of a Single Person Sleeping Rough (12 months)

Cost of Intervention

Approximate Number of Rough Sleepers in the UK (Dec 2018, Shelter)

Estimated Number of People Classed as Homeless in UK

Number of UK Households in Temp Accommodation (Dec 2017)

Number of Children in Temp Accommodation in the UK (Dec 2017)