Meaningful Change – Royal Leamington Spa

Welcome… Meaningful Change is a multi-agency campaign aimed at helping to positively change the lives of those who are homeless or at risk of homelessness in Royal Leamington Spa.

In Leamington there are a range of charities working to support vulnerable people in our community in different ways. This ranges from supporting people with day to day needs, to providing long term support enabling them to make a lasting and meaningful change.

All around the UK the number of vulnerable people facing a range of challenges is increasing. Locally this is no different and our local charities need our ongoing support to help people that you may see sleeping rough, begging or whose challenges may not be so visible. This is where you come in…

You can help make a difference in a number of ways:

However you pledge your support, it is greatly appreciated. By working together and pooling resources, we will be able to make a bigger impact in Royal Leamington Spa.


Your Time

There are many ways to help the local charities involved in Meaningful Change. Volunteering can provide immense self-fulfilment as well as meeting new people and helping others. Find out about volunteering opportunities with our local charities. 


Your Items

Find out who could make use of your clothes, furniture, sleeping bags, even unwanted toiletries! There are lots of items that these local charities can use to help homeless people or those at risk of homelessness. Please check on the charities’ websites for more details.

Make a Donation

Your donation to Meaningful Change will be distributed between local Leamington charities who have nominated specific areas in need of your financial support to help the homeless in Leamington.


Raise Funds

There are lots of ways that you could raise funds whilst also raising awareness about homelessness. Why not take on a sponsored challenge? It could be anything from a sponsored silence to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro and it’s a great way to feel good about yourself while helping others!

General Advice & Some Common Questions…

It is natural to want to find out more about how to help vulnerable people in our community. Answers to some common questions are below containing sign-posts to other sources of information and advice. General advice is available at:

Where do I report concerns about someone who is homeless or sleeping rough?

Warwick District Council – Housing & Homelessness:
* Mon – Thurs 8.45am to 5.15pm & Fri – 8.45am to 4pm:
Warwick District Council Housing Advice team – 01926 456129 option 2.
* Outside these hours please call 01926 339577 (lifeline)
*You can also email:

Other Leamington Services:
* Helping Hands – 01926 768500.
* LWS Night Shelter are also available to call – 07590 053548 or 07889 214050.

Warwickshire Wide Services (incl Leamington):
* Another way to reach local agencies is via Street-Link. You can report concerns via the website, mobile app or on  – 0300 500 0914.
* You can also contact P3 (Warwickshire) on 0808 164 6220 (freephone) or email:

If you are concerned about issues such as drug dealing, antisocial behaviour or aggressive begging and it is not an emergency please call the police on 101.  In an emergency or if you believe that the person is in immediate danger or needs urgent care, please call 999.

What happens in periods of extreme cold or hot weather?

In Leamington, Warwick District Council are responsible for activating a SWEP (Severe weather emergency protocol). This aims to ensure no one is sleeping rough in periods of extreme weather. Local charities also offer advice and services. More general information can be found here:

What support services are available to people?

Overnight accommodation and food is available 7 days a week in Leamington. This is provided by a range of charities as detailed on our Our Charities page. We know that sometimes more vulnerable people need private, emergency accommodation, and this can also be arranged. A wide range of other support services is also available for those that choose to take them. The money raised via this website will be used to fund this.

What should I do if someone approaches me for money?

We feel it is your own decision whether to give money or not. However, there are several other ways to make a difference that might have a longer-term, positive impact. Depending on how much time you have, here are a few thoughts…

  • Less than 1 minute?
    Say hello. If you don’t wish to give money simply say Sorry, I don’t give money’ or ‘I’m sorry, I donate via Meaningful Change’ (or another Charity).
  • If you have 1 minute 
    Find out if they are aware of the support services available in the town centre and let them know how to access them.
  • If you have 5 minutes
    Have a short conversation. If you are buying a sandwich or drink for yourself, you might offer them the same.
  • A little longer?
    Sharing lunch can provide a powerful boost to a person and greater insight into issues for yourself.