Donate Money

There are a number of ways to donate:

Set up a Standing Order

If you wish to make a regular donation for any amount you can set up a standing order. Please contact us by phone or email: and we will provide the bank details and reference you need.

Donate in town via contactless …

You can donate in the town centre via the digital contactless Goodbox points:

  1. Royal Priors Shopping Centre (2 options)
    • Window device – Upper Mall (the former Animal Unit)
    • Podium box – Lower Mall (near Vision Express)
  2. Tesco on Parade – Podium box (near Tavistock St entrance)
  3. Leamington Spa Train Station – Window device

Goodbox devices operate via a ‘contactless card’ and take £3.00 per tap.

Leamington Spa Train Station

Tesco on Parade

Upper Mall

Or pay it forward…

Helping Hands organise a ‘pay it forward’ suspended meals, drinks and clothes scheme. When you visit these businesses, you can buy a product which is then ‘suspended’ and used later by someone who needs it. Participating businesses include:

  • Gateway Café – Smith Street, Warwick (who also offer a pay as you feel service)
  • Light House Charity Shop, Gloucester Street, Leamington

Where Your Donations Go …

Your donations can really make a difference so anything you give is gratefully received. Together we can end homelessness in Leamington Spa.

Through donating to Meaningful Change, your money will be collected by the Heart of England Community Fund (Charity No 1117345).

All funds that are collected by Meaningful Change will then be distributed between local Leamington charities, who have nominated specific areas where they wish to focus your financial support.

These areas of support may adapt and change to meet the specific needs of homeless people and people at risk of homelessness.

Meaningful Change Leamington was launched in November 2019 and our first contactless giving devices were installed in December 2019. In the coming months, we will be updating the ‘local stories’ page with information about what your donations are supporting.

Let’s work together to end homelessness!

What is Funding Spent on?

Funding from Meaningful Change is spent on such things as providing safe, emergency accommodation for vulnerable people; help to those who fall outside the system; access to drug and alcohol rehabilitation services and providing emergency personal items.

We understand that some people have very immediate needs so we have created a quickly accessible funding pot that local charities can access.

Very soon we will be posting sone case studies so you can learn more about how your support helps…

How Much Goes Where?

We aim to ensure that as much of the funding as possible reaches our local charities.

However, depending on how you donate, a small percentage may be taken by the service provider to cover card and technology transaction fees. The Heart of England Charity admin fee helps with costs relating to banking, accounting, reporting and distributing funds to our charities. This equates to: Virgin Giving 2.5%, Goodbox contactless devices 2.5%, HOE scheme admin 10%. Depending on how you donate, this means our local charities receive at least £2.63 out of every £3.00 donated. We also invite local businesses to sponsor these administration costs so that 100% or your money can be directed to local people.

Please let us know if you would like to apply to be a corporate sponsor? We offer short and long term options. Please contact

We also encourage direct donaotions to the charity of your choice if there is a particular one you wish to support. Details are on thier respective websites.

Donate Your Time – Volunteering

Our local charities rely greatly on voluntary support so your time is a much needed resource. Volunteering can also provide immense self-fulfilment as well as meeting new people and helping others. Find out about how you can help each of our local charities by clicking their logos below. 

Donate Your Items… Our Wish-Lists

There are many donated items that local charities rely on and these may change in line with requirements at any given time. Most of the charities issue a weekly ‘wish-list’ of food, clothing and other items that are needed.

From coffee and combs to socks and shower gel, there are low cost essentials you could donate that would make a huge difference. Please click on the logos below to check the current local charities’ ‘wish-lists’.